The State of The X.Org Foundation 2010

Barton C Massey bart at
Thu Feb 25 03:38:42 PST 2010

In message <20100225105531.GA26984 at> you wrote:
> On Feb 20, 10 15:01:50 -0800, Barton C Massey wrote:
> >     The 2009 Board election was once again delayed, and
> >     completed in mid-February 2010.  This is unfortunate,
> >     and further work needs to be done to ensure that the
> >     2010 and ongoing elections can be held in a timely and
> >     regular manner.  This election was the first in quite a
> >     while in which the restriction in the X.Org Bylaws that
> >     only two people from a given organization can be on the
> >     Board simultaneously was an issue.  The issue was
> >     resolved by Keith Packard stepping down from the Board,
> >     leaving only two Intel representatives.
> I'm standing puzzled, because in your later mail about the voting
> results you write:
> > Thus, the four officers that will join the Board for
> > two-year terms starting in 2010 are Alex Deucher, Keith
> > Packard, Matthieu Herrb, and Matthias Hopf.  Eric Anholt
> > will have a one-year term to fill the vacancy left by the
> > resignation of Daniel Stone.
> To me this sounds contradicting about Keith - but maybe I don't get the
> complete picture yet.

Sorry, that previous paragraph wasn't as clear as it could
be.  At the beginning of 2009, Keith stepped down from the
Board.  He then ran again and was elected at the beginning
of 2010.  Welcome back, Keith!


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