How to increase DPI on Compaq Mini 702EA (1024x600) Ubuntu 9.10

Jon jg at
Sat Feb 27 02:53:08 PST 2010

Felix Miata wrote, On 27/02/10 06:11:
> On 2010/02/26 23:19 (GMT) Jon composed:
>> Any other suggestions to try appreciated.
> Ask on the Intel list:

Thanks for this tip. Will check this now.

My other thought is, do we know if the "startx" command used by gdm? I 
suspect it has another way of invoking hte "xinit" command. If I can 
find that, I can modify and pass "-- -dpi 160".

I think you mentioned there was 96dpi hardcoded, do you know where 
this might be specified?  <- when i login via 
gdm, and Firefox layout.css.dpi == -1, the web page shows 96 as the 
dpi. (although xdpyinfo still thinks its 118dpi)

Thanks again for the help.
Cheers, Jon

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