[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 1.9.5

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at freedesktop.org
Thu Mar 17 15:10:40 PDT 2011

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xorg-server-1.9.5 is the last planned service release of server-1.9-branch.
With this release, the server-1.9-branch is open for commits to anyone with
commit access to Xorg sources.

Future stable releases will be based on the new server-1.10-branch.

Changes from 1.9.4:

Adam Jackson (3):
      xselinux: Fix GetDrawableContext
      xfree86: If the driver found modes on an output, don't add more
      vbe: Fix malloc size bug

Erkki Seppälä (2):
      record: avoid crash when calling RecordFlushReplyBuffer recursively
      xfree86/modes: Fixed memory leak in xf86InitialConfiguration

Evan Broder (1):
      xfree86/modes: Be sure to only use new EDID for physical output dimensions

Jeremy Huddleston (9):
      XQuartz: Add LSApplicationCategoryType key to Info.plist
      XQuartz: Localization Updates
      XQuartz: RandR: Capture the display when switching modes with RandR
      XQuartz: RandR: Provide an alert box when entering a RandR mode for the first time.
      XQuartz: RandR: Add RandR modes for the primary display in multi-monitor configs
      XQuartz: Don't use deprecated CoreGraphics API on SL and Lion
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Protect against possible collision between Cocoa and X11 Cursor types (1.9.5 RC1)
      configure.ac: Bump version to 1.9.5

Julien Cristau (1):
      glx: make sure screen is non-negative in validGlxScreen

Maarten Maathuis (1):
      exa: Only call driver FinishAccess hook if PrepareAccess hook succeeded.

Michel Dänzer (1):
      EXA/mixed: ModifyPixmapHeader pitch fixes. (bug #33929)

git tag: xorg-server-1.9.5

MD5:  662566559f4f27638658b50632ce98de  xorg-server-1.9.5.tar.bz2
SHA1: 03be24d6906f3ed3237057a5a7df2b02723c9749  xorg-server-1.9.5.tar.bz2

MD5:  bb2acb1ac45e3ca107cc5df2b812a27b  xorg-server-1.9.5.tar.gz
SHA1: 3be041bbbb12e32ce51894ef389f07908c7e44a0  xorg-server-1.9.5.tar.gz

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