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> On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 9:09 AM, Robert Heller <heller at> wrote:
> > Most of *rural* America is still on dial-up...
> Is it? shame... one would think that some sort of slow-speed DSL would be
> possible even on pots lines very very far from the exchange.... I remember
> reading that in Australia Telstra used some ´repeaters´ on the copper lines
> allowing DSL to reach distances that were previously thought to be too far
> for DSL. Although details about it are a bit foggy on my memory, as I read
> about it many years ago.

Verizon (the telephone monopoly covering most of the Eastern United
States) has no interest in bothering with *any* investment in the
copper infrastructure, including installing the DSLAMs needed to bring
DSL (even cruddy DSL) to rural America. Also, the copper is old and is
falling apart (for lack of1 proper maintainence)-- people actually
completely lose basic phone service when it rains.  Where DSLAMs has
been installed, the signal won't go even the 18,000 feet it should
reach, because the copper is below standard. Even what passes for
dial-up is pretty bad -- most people can only get a 25Kbps connection,
not the 56K we should be getting with modern (V90) modems.

> Needless to say even a 256K always-on ADSL is better thank dial-up....
> FC

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