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> > OK, this is just a DSLAM.  Rural America is not as 'remote' as the
> > Australian Outback.
> well not exactly... that Australian box is actually a dslam repeater. Are
> you saying that even for people who are next door to the phone exchange
> that serves you, there is no ADSL offered?.

No, just that Western Mass is not as remote as the Australian Outback. 
By *Australian* standards, yes people 'next door to the phone exchange'
(read like 3-10 miles) don't have ADSL.  We are not talking about sheep
ranches that are 100s of miles in the middle of nowhere. The Australian
box appears to be designed for seriously remote places, where a
conventual DSLAM is not a viable option. I live about 10 miles from the
phone exchange. We are not talking about 30 miles into the desert or
anything like that.  All Verizon has to do is pour a small concrete pad
and plant a conventual DSLAM next to the POTS concentrator that already
exists in the center of Wendell and we would have DSL.  Verizon has
piles of old DSLAMs pulled when they wired the suburbs of Boston with

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