ANN: luit 2.0-20130217

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Feb 17 17:56:31 PST 2013

   2013/02/17 -
     * bump to 2.0, reflecting changes
     * add  character-set  entries  for CP1255 and CNS-11643 planes 1-3 to
       allow use of some of the remaining ".enc" files.
     * modify -list option to show character set sizes.
     * add  -prefer  option  to  control  the  lookup order between iconv,
       fontenc, builtin and posix character set data.
     * add  -show-builtin  option to show details of a particular built-in
     * add  -list-builtin option to show built-in encodings embedded. This
       is  available only for the iconv configuration; the fontenc library
       has no API for retrieving the information.
     * change  defaults  for  configure  script options --enable-iconv and
       --enable-fontenc to deprecate the fontenc library.
     * replaced  existing  built-in  encoding  tables  with  augmented set
       generated  from  iconv  to  obviate  need for fontenc's tables as a
     * add  prefix  translations  from  IBM-CP  to  CP ),  etc.,  to  make
       fontenc's encoding name "ibm-cp866" work with luit.
     * add koi8-e to locale-charsets table, to make that encoding work.
     * add  -show-iconv  to  show  a  given  encoding from iconv using the
       ".enc" format.
     * add -fill-fontenc option to control output format of -show-fontenc.
     * add  -show-fontenc  option  to  show a given encoding, e.g., from a
       ".enc" file using the ".enc" format.
     * add  -list-fontenc  option  to  show  available encodings using the
       ".enc"  files  which  should  be  distributed with the fontencoding
     * add  -list-iconv option to show encodings and corresponding locales
       supported in the iconv configuration.
     * document -kg0, etc., in manpage.
     * revise  the  help  option  -h,  providing  a summary of each option
       rather  than  the  abbreviated  listing. The abbreviated listing is
       still provided when an unrecognized option is encountered.
     * improve  error  recovery in the iconv configuration by falling back
       to  POSIX  encoding  if  no  encoding  can be found in the system's
     * apply  workaround from xterm patch #279 to make window size set for
       pty  implementation  such  as Mac OS X which lose this when opening
       the other side of the connection.
     * fix issues from Coverity scan; all were minor.
     * update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey
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