xkbmap with combining diacritics

Joshua Crowgey jcrowgey at uw.edu
Mon Feb 18 12:25:26 PST 2013

Hi xorg,

It was recommended to me in #xorg on irc that I should post this 
question to your list.  I hope this is appropriate.

I have been attempting to define a keyboard mapping for typing 
Lushootseed (aka, Puget Salish) [iso639-3:lut].  Ideally, I will use the 
layout that Dave Sienko at Tulalip has already implemented in Tauvlesoft.


To do so, I created a lut.symbols file which handles much of the job 
(attached).  Here's a snippet:

key <AD01>  { [         q,          Q,           U0251, U252 ]  };
key <AD02>  { [         w,          W,      U01BF,      U01F7 ] };
key <AD03>  { [         schwa,      E,  schwa,          SCHWA]  };
key <AD04>  { [         U0161,          R,    U0279,   U027E ]  };

However, I was unable to implement the mapping (shown in the link to 
tulaliplushootseed.com) completely because the output of many of the 
upper case (shifted) keystrokes should be a series of unicode characters 
rather than a single one.  That is, I have to use combining diacritics. 
  However, I was unable to define a series of characters in this file 
without generating an error.  For example, each of the following 
attempts fail because, from what I can tell, there's no way to include 
more than a single unicode code-point as one of the values in the array. 
  I haven't discovered any quoting or grouping mechanism.

key <AD01>  { [         q,	q̓,	U0251, U252 ]  };
key <AD01>  { [         q,	"q̓",	U0251, U252 ]  };
key <AD01>  { [         q,	qU0313,	U0251, U252 ]  };
key <AD01>  { [         q,	U0071U0313,	U0251, U252 ]  };
key <AD01>  { [         q,	U0071+U0313,	U0251, U252 ]  };

The question is this:  is there a way to define keyboards that implement 
characters that include combining diacritics in the output of specific 
keys?  Where can I find out more about what steps I should undertake to 
define an official keyboard for typing Lushootseed on xorg?

Please let me know if this question is more appropriate for another list 
or if I should refine the question in some way.

Best regards,

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