Compiling xf86-video-xgi driver for ARM

Krzysztof Halasa khc at
Tue Feb 19 11:59:18 PST 2013


Jeffrey Langerak <jeffrey at> writes:

> That's what I am starting to conclude as well. Some of the XGI chips
> are supported by the sis driver, should that work for the Z11 as well?
> My information only tells me that it won't go any further than the Z7.
> Yet if X would tell me why the module fails at some point...

I remember being able to run X11 on ARM with Z9S chip. This was in
mid-2011, I used SIS driver and only minor changes were needed.

I think one problem was the card was too slow while reading from its
BIOS (flash ROM, the driver needed some structures from there). This
caused PCI aborts or something. I "fixed" it in my platform settings
(I think it's fine on PC since ROMs on PC are copied into shadow in init
sequence and slow accesses are then allowed).

The other problem was RAM misconfiguration (after RAM detection?). I had
to change one register contents or something (the driver didn't use card
BIOS for hw init).

Also, my platform (IXP4xx) lacked memory-mapped PIO so I had to supply
a custom preloaded library for inp() and outp(). This is more libc
issue, though. I'm affraid platforms without (any) PIO instructions
won't be able to use such cards.
Krzysztof Halasa

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