Compose key input method plugin for Qt5

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Tue Feb 19 12:22:32 PST 2013


I am working on a Qt project and recently I decided to create an input method plugin for the X11 Compose keys.

- don't want to port XIM (which heavily depends on Xlib) to xcb platform plugin.
- having a built-in support for Compose keys would remove the overhead of communication protocols.

Work in progress:,48185

I am writing here for feedback and advice, and hope to get some answers to my questions. I have been using
Linux only for 2 years and started to look at Xlib/xcb API only ~6 months back, so bear with me.

I was wondering how does Xlib resolve the path to search for Compose files? I can see that after running
configure on libX11, it generates the Compose.5 file, whereas for Ubuntu it says:

"The system provided compose file is used by mapping the locale to a compose file from the list in /usr/share/X11/locale/compose.dir."

I guess this location differs on other distributions? How is it determined by Xlib?

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