ANN: xterm patch #288

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Wed Jan 9 03:02:14 PST 2013

                            Patch #288 - 2013/01/09

     * fix   a  special  case  in  ShowCursor  where  the  foreground  and
       background  colors  of  the  current position are the same. In that
       case,  choose the further of the window's foreground and background
       colors for the cursor color.
     * modify  alternateScroll  feature  added in patch #282 to use either
       CSI  or  SS3 according to the cursor keys application mode setting,
       to simplify using it in vi, etc. (suggested by Dietar Roelants).
     * revise  manpage  for resize to clarify the changes which resize may
       make to the terminal settings as well as to the terminal itself.
     * remove code such as struct ttysize, used for SunOS 3 and 4.
     * modify  configure  script  and  makefile  to  check  for  groff and
       suppress groff-specific rules if groff is not found.
     * modify and makefile to work around bugs in grohtml which
       cause   ".png"   files   to   be   truncated  when  producing  html
     * modify  suffix  rules  for  "make  docs"  to  make the names of the
       generated   ".png"   files  predictable,  helping  to  work  around
       longstanding  problems  with  this  feature  of  groff--none of its
       releases work for all of xterm's tables..
     * correct  typo  in  for  DECIC  and DECDC; the character
       preceding  the final "~" is an ASCII single-quote "'" rather than a
       space (report by Paul LeoNerd Evans).
     * update CF_GCC_VERSION macro, handling both Debian and Darwin.
     * improve  configure  script  checks  for the --with-desktop-category
       option.  After  patch  #280 changes, if no value was given for this
       option,  and  no  existing  desktop files found for comparison, the
       incorrect  "auto"  value was passed into the generated desktop file
       (report by Julien Cristau).
     * modify  sample  build-scripts  to  disable  check  for imake due to
       code-rot in Xorg.
     * add  -v  command-line  option to resize, reporting the same version
       string as xterm and the two shell-wrappers.
     * make  name-transformation  apply  to  other  occurrences of resize,
       other manpages.
     * special-case the name-transformation in xterm's manpage in the NAME
       section  so that the result works with makewhatis (report by Julien
     * modify  install-rules for manpages to put each program's respective
       transformed name into the header rather than xterm's.
     * remove deprecated files: proto.h, os2main.c
     * minor fixes based on Coverity scan, including:
          + correct  caching of Atom value for the font menu's "Selection"
          + ensure that utmp/utmpx calls do not depend upon trailing nulls
            in the ut_id and ut_line values.

Thomas E. Dickey
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