Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Wed Jan 30 11:59:04 PST 2013

On Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013 02:16:04 CEST, Eric Gunther wrote:

> Well, I think what I specifically did, which I realize in retrospect may
> have been stupid was 
> cd /usr/Sofitmage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin
> cp /usr/lib64/ .

that would copy the file /usr/lib64/ to the path /usr/Sofitmage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin and is pretty much what you wanted to do (except for likely being a symlink) but would not expect a completely broken System.

> which I thought meant 'here'.
"." is the current directory, yes.

> I did try various permutations of just that from zypper (openSuSE
> package management) and eventually from yast, but I couldn't figure out
> how to reinstall.  It (yast) told me that I would break all kinds of
> dependencies if I removed the package ( libXext6 )
You need to "upgrade" the package - removing the libXext package will leave you with a pretty naked system, yes :)

> Right! This means that I just needed to put a pointer back, nothing big.
> I think.
Ideally, yes - but since you re-installed everything, that's now pointless.

> Oh I see, it had what it need where it new it needed it.  Now neither
> case is true

"In a way" ;-)

> Thats one of the paths I had followed looking at something like;
> %3A12.2

libext in that package contains the undefined _XGetRequest symbol and the libX11 in that repo does contain the _XGetRequest function definition.
About the reputation of that repository, i cannot say the least, but it looks official?

> Not sure if I get it, but there is a program which ships with softimage
> called cmdreg
I do not know what that does, sorry.

man cmdreg

should tell you.

> I have seen mentioned a command like 
> cmdreg -f XSICOMDLLs.lst
> and also to set the environment one is to 'source'
> the /usr/Softimage/Sofimage_2011/.xsi_2011 file (in tcsh)

"source /usr/Softimage/Sofimage_2011/.xsi_2011"
evaluates whatever that script does, but i do not believe the end user is supposed to do such.

Also it will not fix your _XGetRequest problem, so i suggest to solve that first, before you hack random commands into the shell, just because you found them on the internet. :-\


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