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Wed Jan 30 13:47:36 PST 2013

Thats Great!

weedle-ing down on the issue.

On Wed, 2013-01-30 at 20:59 +0100, Thomas Lübking wrote:
> On Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013 02:16:04 CEST, Eric Gunther wrote:
> > Well, I think what I specifically did, which I realize in retrospect may
> > have been stupid was 
> >
> > cd /usr/Sofitmage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin
> >
> > cp /usr/lib64/ .
> that would copy the file /usr/lib64/ to the path /usr/Sofitmage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin 
> and is pretty much what you wanted to do (except for likely being a symlink) 
> but would not expect a completely broken System.

Yeah, if that is the case, I thought it was kind of weird, just dropped
out of gnome (I think) and got just the green background with no
interface features.  Well, the system was not broken just X, I could
restart and log in, to the terminal.  BUT, not too sure what
happened...was dramatic though, 
issue command...
break xorg..
get frustrated.

So, likely that I should have done ln -s or cp -s and the same context?

su -c " cp -s /usr/lib64/ 


su -c " ln- s /usr/lib64/ 

> > which I thought meant 'here'.
> "." is the current directory, yes.

Thats great.

> > I did try various permutations of just that from zypper (openSuSE
> > package management) and eventually from yast, but I couldn't figure out
> > how to reinstall.  It (yast) told me that I would break all kinds of
> > dependencies if I removed the package ( libXext6 )
> You need to "upgrade" the package - removing the libXext package will leave you with a pretty naked system, yes :)
I could not find a way to upgrade the package which was current, that is
already up to date--specifically from the command line, although I was
getting stretched pretty thin.

Now I think that the command is,

su -c "zypper up -f libXext6"

for some reason, the sudo command will not work in this case.

> > Right! This means that I just needed to put a pointer back, nothing big.
> > I think.
> Ideally, yes - but since you re-installed everything, that's now pointless.

Not entirely... got the same error now.  Only the NEW problem is that my
hostname is changed with the install (default) and the license will
likely not work.  BUT I have not gotten to that issue Yet.

> > Oh I see, it had what it need where it new it needed it.  Now neither
> > case is true
> "In a way" ;-)
> > Thats one of the paths I had followed looking at something like;
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > %3A12.2
> libext in that package contains the undefined _XGetRequest symbol and the libX11 in that repo does contain the _XGetRequest function definition.
> About the reputation of that repository, i cannot say the least, but it looks official?

Thats fantastic, I was completely in the dark about that.  Yes, I think
official opensuse.

	so I installed the link at the top of the page

	by clicking the link which sends it to the package installer.
	and I get the same issue.  have to go back over what I have seen.

	You had said previously

	** Since sofimage already invoked libXext from that location, this (or an equal) 
	step must have been present when you encountered the error message you initially posted here.

	I hadn't caught that, I think that is significant.....


> > Not sure if I get it, but there is a program which ships with softimage
> > called cmdreg
> I do not know what that does, sorry.

ships with SI

> man cmdreg
> should tell you.


/usr/Softimage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin/cmdreg --help

        Registers or unregisters OLE COM servers, Release 1.2

Usage:  cmdreg [-dll_loc DllLocation] [-u] [-f DllFileList] [ file1 ...

  cmdreg can accept wildcards in filenames.


  [-dll_loc DllLocation] : DllLocation will be prepended to all files in
  [-u]                   : Unregister servers specified.
  [-f DllFileList]       : Path to a file containing list of dll(s) to


> > I have seen mentioned a command like 
> >
> > cmdreg -f XSICOMDLLs.lst
> >
> > and also to set the environment one is to 'source'
> > the /usr/Softimage/Sofimage_2011/.xsi_2011 file (in tcsh)
> "source /usr/Softimage/Sofimage_2011/.xsi_2011"
> evaluates whatever that script does, but i do not believe the end user is supposed to do such.
it was, to some degree recommended, to register (or correct) path
variables... I think in the event that they were not already or that
they had gotten reset.

> Also it will not fix your _XGetRequest problem, so i suggest to solve that first, 
> before you hack random commands into the shell, just because you found them on the internet. :-\

The case being that I would have path variables pointing to the
appropriate lib file.  But to be fair to me, I think that was
recommended on the softimage list, in a similar case, or in my case.  I
don't remember the specifics.  The NEW thing for me was learning that I
had to type source to 'source' a file.

> Cheers,
> Thomas
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have a good day,


P.S.  getting more careful in my old age... but not toooooo careful.

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