Using smooth scrolling over uinput

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Sun May 5 14:54:28 PDT 2013

On Sun, May 05, 2013 at 02:24:36AM +0200, Raphael Isemann wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> i use uinput for sending mouse-input from userland to emulate a mouse. Now
> i want that the REL_WHEEL input is interpreted not as button-presses but
> rather as a smooth/pixelperfect input.
> According to that:
> this is
> supported in evdev since a while and i only need to mark the axis as
> scrolling axis ("""Instead, let the
> driver mark axes as scrolling axes as required.""").
> But how can i mark the axes? Any hints on useful documentation on that
> topic or other functions that allow to sent signals that are interpreted as
> smooth scrolling are welcome.

if you have REL_WHEEL on a device, the evdev driver will mark that as a
scrolling axis automatically. you don't have to do anything there.


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