X circa 1992

Marc Balmer marc at msys.ch
Mon May 13 10:59:00 PDT 2013

Am 05.05.13 13:23, schrieb Robert Heller:


> So does xterm.  Probably the *oldest* known X11 application there is.  I 
> expect twm is still available, should anyone really want to go there.

twm is the default window manager in NetBSD (yes, I am writing this in

> The only other issue would be imake (is that still used?) and Motif (but there 
> is OpenMotif).

While OpenMotif had this strange license, it has recently been licensed
under the LGPL and is called Motif again.  Btw: The person doing it had
free choice to choose a license for Motif and CDE, too bad that id**t
choose LGPL and not MIT or BSD...

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