X circa 1992

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Sun May 5 05:55:57 PDT 2013

>>>>> "GP" == Geruva Publications <ajk4 at geruva.com> writes:

GP> I am looking at the adaptation of a fairly sizable software package to a
GP> more modern (Linux) environment. The package in it's present state is
GP> configured to use X for graphics, but it appears to date from about 1992.

The biggest hurdles I've run into with old X apps are apps which only
support pseudocolor visuals and ones which require backing store and
save under.

The porting effort for the former shouldn't be too bad.

I can't guess for the latter though; I didn't have access to the src.
The best I was able to do was an old distribution on old hardware.
(~2001 hardware and distribution was old enough.)

Also remember to install whichever server-side fonts the app wants.
Most current distributions install only a very minimal set by default.

Switching to user-side fonts will take some effort -- and perhaps should
be done by way of switching to a more-recent toolkil -- but may pay off
in the future.

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