[ANNOUNCE] libXfont 1.4.7

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Jan 7 13:17:23 PST 2014

On 01/ 7/14 01:14 PM, Trevor Woerner wrote:
> On 01/07/14 15:46, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>> On 01/ 7/14 12:41 PM, Trevor Woerner wrote:
>>> On 01/07/14 11:35, Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>>>> This release includes the fix for CVE-2013-6462, as well as other
>>>> security
>>>> hardening and code cleanups, and makes libXfont compatible with
>>>> libXtrans 1.3
>>>> on Solaris.
>>> Should the libXfont_la_LDFLAGS be bumped to reflect this update?
>> I can't see why it would be updated - what would we update in it and why
>> do you think that's needed?
> Builds from both this version and 1.4.6 produce:
>      ${libdir}/libXfont.so.1.4.1
> How would I know, looking at this file, whether the libXfont on my
> system is the fixed one or not?

You wouldn't - library .so versions are not useful for tracking bug fixes.
The .so version has never changed for libXfont - it's the same since 1.0.

> If the build output from both the old and the new produce the same file,
> how would one distinguish between them? Aren't there situations when a
> developer might want more than one version of a library installed on
> their system (and use the *.so to pick one over the other)?

Not for libXfont.

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