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Sun Jan 19 13:05:25 PST 2014


                            Patch #301 - 2014/01/19

     * OSC 104  and 105 did not accept parameter to reset a specific color
       (patch by Egmont Koblinger).
     * add  configure  check  for  initgroups,  and  use  that function to
       complement  its  use  of  setgid  (prompted  by  patch  by Miroslav
     * improve  manpage  description  of scrollbar translations versus the
       vt100 translations (Debian #723573).
     * add  a  few  paragraphs  to  manpage explaining the implications of
       xterm's reliance on X Toolkit for command-line parsing.
     * modify  cursor-theme  logic  to  check  if the environment variable
       XCURSOR_THEME  is  set  to  a  nonempty value before constructing a
       dummy them (prompted by similar check added in OpenBSD CVS).
     * add  check  for  a case where TrueType bold font is missing a glyph
       where  the non-bold font has it. Temporarily switch to the non-bold
       font to draw the glyph (report by David Demelier).
     * minor documentation fixes for
     * only   set   SHELL   environment  variable  to  programs  found  in
       /etc/shells (prompted by patch/report by Al Poole).
     * build-fix,  when  --disable-wide-chars  --disable-boxchar  is  used
       (prompted by patch by Andrey Panov).

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