[slightly off topic] Graphics card for X with multi-monitor support

Łukasz Maśko ed at yen.ipipan.waw.pl
Mon Jan 20 07:28:23 PST 2014

Sorry for off-topic. A friend of mine has asked me recently the following 
question: which graphics card for a desktop machine to buy, such that:
1. It is not too expensive, let's say about 150-200 USD.
2. It is supported by Xorg under Linux (this is the target software 
3. One can easily connect at least 4 monitors to it (FullHD resolution each) 
and create one big desktop out of it.
4. It supports xrandr on each output (the monitors are oriented in "portrait" 

The 3rd point is most important. My friend has 2 cards with 2 monitors 
connected to each of them (4 monitors total) right now. He has all of them 
working, but instead of one single desktop, he has 2 separate ones (although 
working simultaneously - :0 and :1). It means, that each window can be 
maximized only using 2 monitors out of 4. He wants to have one big desktop, in 
which he can maximize a window so that it uses all 4 monitors. He has tried to 
obtain it with his current configuration, but without success.

Any suggestions? It may be either ATI or NVidia card.
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