xrandr call makes it forget about secondary display

Martin Ueding mu at martin-ueding.de
Tue Jan 21 14:07:45 PST 2014

Dear X.org mailing list,

I have a laptop with an external DVI display which is hooked up to its
Display Port (via adapter). When I rotate the internal screen using
xrandr, it will forget about the secondary display. Calling xrandr
multiple times does not have any effect. I have to power off the
external display, wait for a while, call xrandr again and it finds the

This seriously cripples my workflow. The full details are in this
question here:


However, I think that calling xrandr 1.4 should not make it forget about
my external screen.

Could you please tell me whether this is a hardware issue? If so, I will
just buy another display and be done with it.



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