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That exchange was off list! Curse you google reply to default!

If it's a very new chipset, definitely go with the latest stable release.
But I didn't give any link...
On Jan 29, 2014 7:55 PM, "Gene Heskett" <gheskett at> wrote:

> On Wednesday 29 January 2014 ... did write:
> > I'm no expert. I just saw gt218 and guessed it was an old chipset,
> > probably EOL'd.  I don't know squat about nouveau.  Maybe an older
> > nouveau would do it?  Sorry I can't help more.
> >
> > Elliot
> NP, Elliot and thanks.  The link you sent took me to the nouveau site, and
> the NV50 is a whole new chipset that it might be easier to drive with a
> brand new driver.  It has several things the older chipsets don't, but
> nouveau full support for the new features is not noted either.
> Cheers, Gene
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