Limit events of a specific keyboard to a specific application

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This is in a window manager?  You could also get a mouse for each keyboard,
and create keyboard/mouse pairs:

Use each mouse to determine the focus of its associated key-board.  Then,
don't give the mouse to the subject so they can't change the focus.  You
should probably disable keyboard short-cuts like alt+tab that could change
the focus also.  I don't know how to do that off the top of my head.


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> Hello,
> For research purposes we are measuring human brain activity under the
> influence of external stimuli (visual/auditory/somatosensory). The
> subject has to reply to tasks using 'button boxes' which are implemented as
> (response) keyboards. During the session, the operator should control the
> experiment via the (main) keyboard (without getting his keyboard inputs
> messed up by the response keyboards).
> Therefore I have detached the (response-)keyboards from the
> virtual core keyboard
> using the 'xinput --float name-of-response-kbd' comand.
> Next I'd like to attach these keyboards to a specific process only. Can
> someone give some advice how to do that?
> Regards, Roger
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