ANN: xterm-305

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon Jun 2 17:44:50 PDT 2014


                            Patch #305 - 2014/06/02

     * add xterm.appdata.xml (request by Richard Hughes). By the way, none
       of   the   released   validators  yet  handle  <licence>  tags  (or
       <metadata_license>, etc).
     * fix memory leaks in bitmap font-name caching.
     * other changes to hard-reset behavior:
          + reset keyboard-type on hard-reset.
          + reset pointer-mode (pointerMode) on hard-reset
          + reset title-modes (titleModes) on hard-reset
          + reset cursor-shape on hard or soft-reset
          + reset LEDs on hard-reset.
          + reset DECSACE on hard-reset.
     * reset  bracketed-paste  mode  on  hard-reset  (suggested  by Egmont
     * modify UTF-8 decoder to account for allowC1Printable resource.
     * revise  getXftColor  to  ensure  that  its sequence number will not
       overflow in long-running sessions.
     * minor  fix  to  selection  to  prevent  hidden character from being
       returned in selection data (report by Egmont Koblinger).
     * add -sh to help-message.
     * amend  check for incomplete fonts to always decide that a character
       is  missing  if  the  font lacks per-character metrics (prompted by
       Freedesktop #15979).
     * minor  reorganization to implement "filler" SGR features. There are
       no established applications which rely upon these; some people find
       them amusing.
          + separate    bits   used   to   manage   drawing   state   from
          + implement  SGR  codes  2,  3,  9,  21  and their corresponding
          + add  configure  option  --disable-wide-attrs  to  disable  the
     * additional changes for ReGIS support (patch by Ross Combs):
          + fix some arc drawing bugs and add support for pattern shading.

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