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Thomas Dickey dickey at
Fri Nov 28 18:42:00 PST 2014


                            Patch #313 - 2014/11/28

     * add  regisScreenSize  resource  setting to allow custom screensizes
       for ReGIS graphics (prompted by discussion with Scott Froebe).
     * fix some minor issues in manpage (Jens Schweikhardt).
     * improve ReGIS font-handling (Ross Combs):
          + remove "random junk" generation for unknown characters
          + add xterm extension to load user glyphs for alphabet 0
          + add xterm extension to specify loading an alphabet from a font
            by name
          + fix  bug  with use of empty alphabet slots which caused slot 0
            to be clobbered
          + update/clarify ReGIS-related comments
          + add  DECprint extension for printing/clearing the screen (only
            clearing is performed)
     * improve ReGIS colorspec conversion (Ross Combs):
          + avoid some floating point math for colorspace conversion
          + move two copies of colorspec parsing to a single function
          + change  colorspec  parsing  to  handle components being out of
            order or with spaces and commas between them
          + add support for an extension where RGB components can be given
            instead of HLS
     * improve  use  of  const,  e.g., for the LineData pointers (patch by
       Ross Combs).
     * clip  of graphics that overlap the scrollback buffer and alt screen
       (patch by Ross Combs).
     * amend  change  to  focus-change events in patch #287 to limit it to
       suppressing  the  reset  of  the  urgency-hint, because some useful
       FocusOut events were lost (report by Joe Peterson).
     * modify   dpkg   build-script   to   configure   xterm-dev   as   an
       x-terminal-emulator alternative.
     * extend  the --with-xterm-symlink feature to make symbolic links for
       the other programs and scripts.
     * minor  fix  to  vttests/  to avoid undefined variable when
       receiving broken/missing response, e.g., from mrxvt.
     * change  the  way  that  ReGIS graphics are refreshed (patch by Ross
          + it  pre-composes any overlapping graphics to avoid unnecessary
            and flickering draws
          + it  adds  a  three-dimensional  lookup  table for RGB -> pixel
            values and uses this across all graphics
          + it  draws  in  line  segments  when there is a run of the same
          + in  cases  where  there  are  no transparent parts, it uses an
            XImage to draw
          + it  hooks  into  the double-buffering support if it is enabled
            (though this doesn't seem to get rid of all flicker).
       This has the effect of reducing flicker and speeding up redraws.

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