Evga geforce730 with nvidia 352.30 driver in mint cinnamon 17.1

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 07:42:40 PDT 2015

On Sonntag, 9. August 2015 16:26:59 CEST, David wrote:
> Yeah I was actually thinking about trying dvi, I was gonna try HDMI but the
> monitor doesn't have it.  I was thinking the display port was HDMI.  Sigh.
> It looks just as bad but smaller at 1280x1024.  Thanks for the help!

That's (likely) because the monitor is actually still at 640x480 (the line with the asterisk)
What happens then is that the GPU scales down 1280x1024 to 640x480 and send that to the monitor which blows it up to 1280x1024 again.
The result is -expectably- suboptimal.

Changing the logic resolution won't resolve any of your issues.
You need the list to show up "1280x1024" and that requires usable EDID, an explicit modeline (though you can also make use of "xrandr --output VGA-0 --newmode [...]", but that's not persistent) or - hopefully - just using the digital connection ;-)


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