XkbAXN_AXKWarning notification available?

Steve Ross sross at trustedcs.com
Tue Aug 11 16:24:41 PDT 2015

My apologies if this is not the correct mailing list for this question...

I'm using the keyboard Accessibility plugin code from the
"gnome-settings-daemon-2.28.2" (GSD) package.  That package has a
comment regarding the X Keyboard Extension keyboard shortcuts for the
Accessibility features of Slow Keys and the Sticky Keys feature.  In
particular, the comment mentions the "XkbAXN_AXKWarning" notification.

The comment is:

    * sticky or slowkeys has changed, singly, without our intervention.
    * 99% chance this is due to a keyboard shortcut being used.
    * we need to detect via this hack until we get
    *  XkbAXN_AXKWarning notifications working (probable XKB bug),
    *  at which time we can directly intercept such shortcuts instead.
    * See cb_xkb_event_filter () below.

As far as I can tell from running the GSD code, it is still the case
that the XKB does not return this notification.  Assuming that is the
case, is there a bug filed for this or any plan to fix the lack of
"XkbAXN_AXKWarning" notification?

(For what it is worth, on CentOS 6.6, I'm using the
"xorg-x11-server-Xorg-1.15.0-26.el6.0.1.i686" package.)

Thanks in advance,

-- Steve Ross

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