Localize the «Compoze» key combinations?

wettstae at gmail.com wettstae at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 01:08:06 PST 2015

> E.g. after I am in cyryllic layout pressed «Compose + Б + Б», it would
> produced the "«" sign because in English layout the «Б» key is in the
> place of the «<» key. Any ideas are welcome.

When you are using the compose mechanism from Xlib, you can add your own
compose sequences into your ~/.XCompose file.  For example,

  <Multi_key> <Cyrillic_BE> <Cyrillic_BE> : "«" guillemotleft

should do the trick.

> I think it would be a solution if after the «Compose» key pressed, the
> layout was temporarily switched to English until a compose combination
> is done. But I have a basic knowledge about X11 arch, and don't know
> if it's possible, and how.

Personally, I would hate such a behaviour.


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