Re: Localize the «Compoze» key combinations?

Hi-Angel hiangel999 at
Sun Jan 18 23:31:52 PST 2015

Okay, I am still hope that this could be done with a plain
configuration, so I asked a question at unix.stackexchange

If anybody knows an answer, please write it here or there.

2015-01-03 14:59 GMT+03:00 Hi-Angel <hiangel999 at>:
>>> E.g. after I am in cyryllic layout pressed «Compose + Б + Б», it would
>>> produced the "«" sign because in English layout the «Б» key is in the
>>> place of the «<» key. Any ideas are welcome.
>>When you are using the compose mechanism from Xlib, you can add your own
>>compose sequences into your ~/.XCompose file.  For example,
>>  <Multi_key> <Cyrillic_BE> <Cyrillic_BE> : "«" guillemotleft
>>should do the trick.
> No, no, that's the workaround that I'd wanted to escape. At least for
> two reasons:
>  ● It is very confusing. E.g. the «.» symbol in both layouts is in a
> different places, so every time i need to type a symbol, I'd needed to
> stop and think for a moment: in which layout am I now?
>  ● The original compose file have ≈6000 lines, plus I am using these
> great
> combinations. Even if I am do not use every symbol, I would be very
> hurt to add a symbol to my layout every time I needed one and restart
> X server. I tried before to write a script in CL to localize a compose
> file, that was the time I found that the «keysym»s and UTF names that
> I can get in CL is differ 😄

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