Trackpoint buttons on Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd Gen

Aron Parsons aronparsons at
Mon Jan 19 16:58:27 PST 2015

I received a Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd generation today, the one with the
resurrection of the physical Trackpoint buttons.  However, there is
some broken behavior related to those much loved buttons on this laptop
running an up-to-date Fedora 21.

The clickpad buttons seem to work fine, however I would like to achieve
a configuration that disables the touchpad and only use the Trackpoint
and the physical buttons as I have on all my Thinkpads in the past.
There is an option in the BIOS to disable the touchpad, but it seems to
be completely ignored under Linux; with it set to off in the BIOS, the
touchpad is still fully functional.  This is likely related to the fact
that the physical buttons generate events on the touchpad's event device
(/dev/input/event4 in this case) and not for the Trackpoint's event
device (/dev/input/event12), so the device can't really be disabled.

So here are the various scenarios regarding the physical buttons and how
they are failing at the moment:

- Dragging does not work at all with the physical left button with either
the evdev or synaptics driver.  Dragging with the clickpad's left button
is fine.

- Middle click does not register at all (from viewing evtest output), which
I assume means it's an issue at the kernel layer not registering the event.
Neither the physical buttons or the clickpad generate a middle click event
using either the evdev or synaptics drivers.

- With the synaptics driver, the buttons are picked up as up/down buttons.
Setting UpDownScrolling=off changes the behavior as described in the man
page (double-click/button 2).  Using xinput, I can force the right-button
to behave correctly, but the left-button will not change its behavior (it
is always a double-click).  This makes it unusable with the synaptics

Please let me know what relevant logs, command output or tests I can provide
to help troubleshoot this issue.  I have attached the X11 log using the
evdev driver, but I don't see anything useful in there other than the
device identification.

relevant software packages:

- Aron
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