Trackpoint buttons on Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd Gen

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Mon Jan 19 19:39:35 PST 2015

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 07:58:27PM -0500, Aron Parsons wrote:
> I received a Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd generation today, the one with the
> resurrection of the physical Trackpoint buttons.  However, there is
> some broken behavior related to those much loved buttons on this laptop
> running an up-to-date Fedora 21.
> The clickpad buttons seem to work fine, however I would like to achieve
> a configuration that disables the touchpad and only use the Trackpoint
> and the physical buttons as I have on all my Thinkpads in the past.
> There is an option in the BIOS to disable the touchpad, but it seems to
> be completely ignored under Linux; with it set to off in the BIOS, the
> touchpad is still fully functional.  This is likely related to the fact
> that the physical buttons generate events on the touchpad's event device
> (/dev/input/event4 in this case) and not for the Trackpoint's event
> device (/dev/input/event12), so the device can't really be disabled.
> So here are the various scenarios regarding the physical buttons and how
> they are failing at the moment:
> - Dragging does not work at all with the physical left button with either
> the evdev or synaptics driver.  Dragging with the clickpad's left button
> is fine.
> - Middle click does not register at all (from viewing evtest output), which
> I assume means it's an issue at the kernel layer not registering the event.
> Neither the physical buttons or the clickpad generate a middle click event
> using either the evdev or synaptics drivers.
> - With the synaptics driver, the buttons are picked up as up/down buttons.
> Setting UpDownScrolling=off changes the behavior as described in the man
> page (double-click/button 2).  Using xinput, I can force the right-button
> to behave correctly, but the left-button will not change its behavior (it
> is always a double-click).  This makes it unusable with the synaptics
> driver.
> Please let me know what relevant logs, command output or tests I can provide
> to help troubleshoot this issue.  I have attached the X11 log using the
> evdev driver, but I don't see anything useful in there other than the
> device identification.

best to file a bug for this so we have this archived. 
For the logs, run evemu-record on both kernel devices and hit the buttons,
then attach the output here. that'll include enough information to narrow
this down.


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