Dual screen issues with Radeon X1250 on HP t5730

Jeffrey Langerak jeffrey at langerak.it
Tue Jan 20 02:16:49 PST 2015


 > Does disabling ColorTiling2D or ColorTiling work around the problem? 
If not, please provide the corresponding Xorg log file.

Disabling the "ColorTiling" option seemed to fix the issue, according to 
the "radeon" manpage this should default to off for this chipset 
(RS690), but X will default it to on. Forcing it to "off" was sufficient 
and dual screen is now working! ColorTiling2D is a safe option for this 
chip and may be set to on.

Now that we are discussing this, are there any other options that are 
useful to place in the xorg.conf file to boost the speed of the GPU like 
acceleration enhancements?

One other thing I noticed and is probably because of the VRAM limitation 
of 32MB is that when using the 2 full-HD monitors is that the display 
sometimes shows some interlacing and the monitor connected to the DVI 
port will loose the connection for about a second. Any thougths about that?

Someone asked about the VRAM limit, this is fixed because the machine is 
a thin client, the bios does not allow any changes herein, I can only 
set the "vmalloc" parameter when booting the kernel.

Thanks again!

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Langerak

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