intel atom D525MW w/i915 onboard gfx vs 16x9 monitor

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Fri Jul 17 23:41:44 PDT 2015

Gene Heskett composed on 2015-07-18 01:51 (UTC-0400):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> What, if any, video parameters do you have on your kernel cmdline?


> This isn't TCC, but the XFCE used for a linuxcnc install on those 
> machines.  Its debian wheezy, 7.8, with a real time patched kernel.

> TCC has no such choices here on this machine, but since it works 
> reasonably well on this dell 16x9 23"er, I haven't looked that hard 
> either.

> I have looked at xrandr, but see no controls that would effect that.

I don't know about controls. I just put

where it will get run when X starts, with whatever mode I want used
uncommented. It works as expected on Jessie with TDE.

Or, use

or one of the others in that directory as a skeleton to create an xorg.conf
file, uncommenting or creating the appropriate PreferredMode line. I don't
recall trying this on Jessie, but it works in Kubuntu/TDE,
Linuxmint/Cinnamon, Mageia/KDE4 (with kscreen disabled), Fedora/KDE4&5 (with
kscreen disabled) and openSUSE/KDE4&5 (with kscreen disabled).

> The default seems to be 1280x768.

I don't recall running across that one before. 16:9 @768 is 136X.

> There is a 13nnx800 mode but the 
> images are bigger than the screen and circles are still smunched 
> vertically. 17" AOC monitor on the machine doing the squashing.

A quick search for 17" AOC 16:9 suggests it should most likely be
preferred/native 1600x900. What modes are listed by xrandr and/or Xorg.0.log?
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