Help with making keyboard for French (Togo) including symbols from local languages

James Cloos cloos at
Fri Jul 24 16:26:19 PDT 2015

>>>>> "KM" == Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at> writes:

KM> I may well be wrong, but I think you need to add new "combinations"
KM> to XCompose

That is correct.

KM> 1. If the accented letter is not available as a pre-composed letter,

Also correct.

KM> you need to use a combining accent.  I'm not sure if XCompose can
KM> translate dead_accent some_letter to combining_accent some_letter,

The target of a compose sequence is a string, not just a character, so a
base char plus a combining accent is perfectly OK.

Just be sure that the compose file, for a utf-8 locale, is saved in utf-8.

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