Help with making keyboard for French (Togo) including symbols from local languages

Mats Blakstad mats.gbproject at
Fri Jul 24 21:08:53 PDT 2015

Thanks all for these interesting and useful inputs!

*Adding new combinations to XCompose:*
Should I do this locally or is there a shared compose repo where we should
ask to push those changes? Is there a good link with documentation?

*How to install on several machines?*
As we need to modify several files, is there an easy way to make one file
so we can install the keyboard on several computers later?

*Where do people mostly share keyboards?*
I checked and looks like we should build this on the Azerty Layout. However
in Ubuntu I can't find the azerty layout in simple form like this:
I only find with many extra symbols added that we don't need.
Where do people share their keyboards mostly? And should we also share our
own keyboard somewhere later?

Thanks for help!

2015-07-25 1:26 GMT+02:00 James Cloos <cloos at>:

> >>>>> "KM" == Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at> writes:
> KM> I may well be wrong, but I think you need to add new "combinations"
> KM> to XCompose
> That is correct.
> KM> 1. If the accented letter is not available as a pre-composed letter,
> Also correct.
> KM> you need to use a combining accent.  I'm not sure if XCompose can
> KM> translate dead_accent some_letter to combining_accent some_letter,
> The target of a compose sequence is a string, not just a character, so a
> base char plus a combining accent is perfectly OK.
> Just be sure that the compose file, for a utf-8 locale, is saved in utf-8.
> -JimC
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