neo-layout and FreeBSD

wettstae at wettstae at
Sun Mar 29 12:26:53 PDT 2015

> I am using a xmodmap(1)

Why?  Neo 2 has been part of xkeyboard-confĂ­g for years.
"setxkbmap de neo" should be enough to get it.

> It is strange that everything works fine with the same xmodmap on
> Linux.


This file uses numeric keycodes, which are system specific.  While it
does not use keycodes to overwrite the < and AltGr key, some other
setting using a keycode might interfere.  Also, the file makes
assumptions about the layout prior to running xmodmap.  If the this
layout differs between your Linux and FreeBSD box, this might be another
source of discrepancies.


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