Problems with acceleration configuration on Intel HD Graphics 5500.

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Fri Oct 30 14:48:00 PDT 2015


I've just purchased a Dell E7250 laptop equipped with Intel HD Graphics 5500 
(i5-5300U). Today I've been fighting with Xorg configuration. I'm running PLD 
distribution (not important here) with kernel 4.2.4, xserver 1.17.4 and XOrg 
Intel driver 2.99.917. 

The problem is, that if I enable SNA acceleration, my laptop hangs very 
quickly after I start X - even if I use only twm as a window manager. I 
wouldn't even mention runnig KDE for it hangs extremally quickly.

Switching to UXA helps just a bit. Now twm-driven desktop works, but KDE has 
problems and I'm able to use it only if I turn off desktop effects.

I have added such line in my XOrg configuration:

	Option "NoAccel" "true"

in the card section. As a result I can find such message in XOrg log:

(II) intel(0): SNA initialized with disabled backend

I understand, that now I'm probably using software rendering, but at least my 
desktop seems to be stable (although I can see some strange artefacts, but it 
is less annoying than hanging environment).

Till now I've been using Dell D430 with i945MG internal card and it works 
very well, although not that fast.

Now it's time for my question: is there a known way to make such 
configuration work stable WITH hardware acceleration? SNA or UXA - not 
important, but I want to have it working. It seems to be a waste to have such 
powerful hardware and not be able to use it :-/ Maybe there are some tweaking 
options needed? Or shall I try some older driver versions? 

Thanks for any help.
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