Problems with acceleration configuration on Intel HD Graphics 5500.

Łukasz Maśko ed at
Sat Oct 31 09:32:13 PDT 2015


I've just purchased a Dell E7250 laptop equipped with Intel HD Graphics 5500 
(i5-5300U). Today I've been fighting with Xorg configuration. I'm running PLD 
distribution (not important here) with kernel 4.2.4, xserver 1.17.4 and XOrg 
Intel driver 2.99.917. 

The problem is, that if I enable SNA acceleration, my laptop hangs very 
quickly after I start X - even if I use only twm as a window manager. I 
wouldn't even mention runnig KDE for it hangs extremally quickly. It works a 
bit longer if i switch off desktop effects in KDE.

I've tried many tricks like switching to UXA, usinfg NoAccel option - it helps 
but just for a moment. Till now I've been using Dell D430 with i945MG internal 
card and it works very well, although not that fast.

Now it's time for my question: is there a known way to make such 
configuration work stable WITH hardware acceleration? SNA or UXA - not 
important, but I want to have it working, together with KDE desktop effects. 
It seems to be a waste to have such powerful hardware and not be able to use 
it :-/ Maybe there are some tweaking options needed? Or shall I try some older 
driver versions? 

Thanks for any help.
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