Xrandr ignoring 2nd GPU output [Nouveau]

gaspipe at tutanota.com gaspipe at tutanota.com
Thu Apr 14 17:48:14 UTC 2016

I have three monitors - Two connected to my primary GPU, and a third 
connected to a secondary GPU.When I setup X, I use arandr to change the 
positions of my monitors.  However, monitor 3 is not a possible output to 
select.I am using the Nouveau drivers with a hardened linux-libre kernel. I 
do not use xorg.conf because in the past autodetection seems to have worked 
fine. I'm trying to get this working on Gentoo.

Here is my xrandr output:

However, xrandr knows I have two GPUs, as here is the output of `xrandr 


Here is Xorg.0.log, which seems to show the other monitor being detected.

Thank you for your time
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