How can I delete X11 files stuck in user Trash?

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Thu Dec 8 03:56:17 UTC 2016

Darrell Stall composed on 2016-12-07 12:47 (UTC-0600):

> X11 files are stuck in my user Trash and cannot be emptied....

This is one of those operations that is facilitated by using an OFM[1] instead 
of cmdline utilities.

1-log out of X
2-login on a vtty
4-navigate into the .Trash folder
5-highlight everything you want to delete (* and/or + keys)


If you manage to get permission denied this time, do it over again as root.

If you get command not found trying to execute mc:

A-complain to your distro they forgot to put it in the base install
B-install mc (it's in every distribution's base repos)

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