Can I set different DPI for two displays in my system?

L. A. Walsh freedesktop at
Thu Mar 10 08:01:47 UTC 2016

Łukasz Maśko wrote:
> Is it possible to configure X in such way, that each screen would work 
> according to its own, real physical DPI?
On an single computer I thought you could configure what screens an
X-server used?  So you might set up separate X-servers for each screen
(localhost:0.0 & localhost:0.1 ?) each with it's own DPI, and
use something like Xinerama(?sp) to control both displays w/1
mouse and keyboard.  At least I thought X could do that...?

It's something display writers should think more about since more
systems have multiple displays, and there is becoming more and
more differences between the low and high DPI displays, with
some "retina" displays exceeding 400DPI (iphone6 plus), and
65" HDTV's coming in at 34DPI. 

Admittedly one would be unlikely to see those together as a
pair, but my two screens (one 2560x1600 @ 30" => 90 DPI) & a
wall-mounted HD1920x1080 @ 55" => 40DPI), both from 7+ years
ago, have a 2.25X difference.  So its definitely a feature
that's overdue.

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