Can I set different DPI for two displays in my system?

Łukasz Maśko ed at
Tue Mar 8 10:41:08 UTC 2016

Dnia wtorek, 8 marca 2016 11:31:25 Thomas Lübking pisze:
> In theory™ such could be achieved on the client level, ie. if you move a
> window, it checks where it resides, calculates the natural dpi from device
> measures and resolution, alters (in case of Qt, not idea about gtk ;-) the
> device pixel ratio setting and cause a full update.

That's how I think about it. But at this level I'm just a KDE user, I'm not 
going to implement such behavior myself. Unfortunately. I'll have to keep 
living with what we have ;-)

> Of course you're still
> in some conflict whenever the window is between two screens.

MS Windows 8.1 does it in such way, that window is redrawn at some point 
between the screens, so its state may be "big" or "small", when it is on the 
boundary, depending on the screen to which the system assigns it. But it is 
completly not important. I'm thinking about windows, which are full on one of 
the screens - then it's fine.

Anyway - thanks for your answer.
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