Adding an xserver to xorg.conf?

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Tue Nov 1 04:11:26 UTC 2016

Thanks for this Alan, I can't report success yet, but after trying to build
it but failing to install it, I discovered it's available as a pre-built
package for Ubuntu, and then managed to build an xorg.conf.d entry that
totally trashed my GUI! Ah, thank goodness I always carry a bootable USB
drive for just such emergencies. So, I'll try more with this later (when
it's less critical if I lock myself out more permanently ;)

In the meantime, is there a resource somewhere that might tell me more
about the startup order (which I presume is the purpose of the various
numbers on the individual files in xorg.conf.d...?) and it's significance?
I'm inclined to think that by putting my efforts at "position 20", after
the primary display (at 10) but before all the input devices (at 50
something) I killed all my inputs because I had a bad config element. Is
that plausible? I got a login screen, but no input devices, mouse,
keyboard, external USB mouse / keyboard, touchscreen, would generate any
input (I couldn't even change to the other text-based virtual terminals!)

Thanks again for the direction!


On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 5:26 PM, Alan Coopersmith <
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> On 10/30/16 04:13 PM, Simon Roberts wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I want to add an external XServer (running on a tablet device as it
>> happens,
>> though I doubt that's significant) to the configuration of my windowing
>> system,
>> and hopefully have it visible to xrandr, so I can use it as another
>> display
>> alongside my regular laptop screen.
>> I assume that I'd need to add, for example,
>> <> into my xorg.conf, but I'm drawing a complete
>> blank on
>> how I might achieve this.
> In theory you can do this with the xf86-video-nested driver, but I've
> never tried it:
> Other options would be using a multiplexer/proxy such as Xdmx (FOSS) or
> (commercial software from X-Software).
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