Adding an xserver to xorg.conf?

Simon Roberts simon at
Wed Nov 2 02:56:22 UTC 2016

So, I'm not having success yet, but I discovered that the Xnest package
that's part of the Ubuntu distribution isn't the driver you pointed me at.
So, I have:

1) cloned the git repository
2) ran ./
3) ran make
... and it seems to be successful to this point, but I'm clueless about how
to install these drivers. I tried "make install" and it didn't like that,
and I don't see anything in readme or similar.

Can anyone offer any guidance or research pointers?

Many thanks!

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 9:11 PM, Simon Roberts <
simon at> wrote:

> Thanks for this Alan, I can't report success yet, but after trying to
> build it but failing to install it, I discovered it's available as a
> pre-built package for Ubuntu, and then managed to build an xorg.conf.d
> entry that totally trashed my GUI! Ah, thank goodness I always carry a
> bootable USB drive for just such emergencies. So, I'll try more with this
> later (when it's less critical if I lock myself out more permanently ;)
> In the meantime, is there a resource somewhere that might tell me more
> about the startup order (which I presume is the purpose of the various
> numbers on the individual files in xorg.conf.d...?) and it's significance?
> I'm inclined to think that by putting my efforts at "position 20", after
> the primary display (at 10) but before all the input devices (at 50
> something) I killed all my inputs because I had a bad config element. Is
> that plausible? I got a login screen, but no input devices, mouse,
> keyboard, external USB mouse / keyboard, touchscreen, would generate any
> input (I couldn't even change to the other text-based virtual terminals!)
> Thanks again for the direction!
> Cheers,
> Simon
> On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 5:26 PM, Alan Coopersmith <
> alan.coopersmith at> wrote:
>> On 10/30/16 04:13 PM, Simon Roberts wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I want to add an external XServer (running on a tablet device as it
>>> happens,
>>> though I doubt that's significant) to the configuration of my windowing
>>> system,
>>> and hopefully have it visible to xrandr, so I can use it as another
>>> display
>>> alongside my regular laptop screen.
>>> I assume that I'd need to add, for example,
>>> <> into my xorg.conf, but I'm drawing a complete
>>> blank on
>>> how I might achieve this.
>> In theory you can do this with the xf86-video-nested driver, but I've
>> never tried it:
>> Other options would be using a multiplexer/proxy such as Xdmx (FOSS) or
>> (commercial software from X-Software).
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