Problem with mapping a key to multiple characters (Unicode + diacritic symbol)

Ilya Anfimov ilan at
Wed Mar 13 08:00:53 UTC 2019

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 12:46:25AM +0100, Pierre-Luc Angles wrote:
> Dear Ilya,
> Thanks a lot for your interesting advices.
> Le 12/03/2019 ?? 15:16, Ilya Anfimov a ??crit :
> > You are probably right. Keysyms does not get added automatically
> > by naming it, and I don't see any mention of i_breve_below and so
> > on  in  standard keysymdef.h , which is the source of the default
> > set of keysyms.
> i_breve_below etc. are indeed names that I have created and as you rightly
> wrote, I should add them to /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h

 Well, better don't. You would need to recompile at least libX11
after that, and support your forked binary on every
system you use.
 However, you got the simpler way below:


> So I assume that I have to create a XKeysymDB file in /usr/share/X11/ that
> would be the following:
> i_breve_below		:1FFFFFF5
> u_breve_below		:1FFFFFF6
> ??_ring_above		:1FFFFFF7
> I_ring_above		:1FFFFFF8
> ??_dot_below		:1FFFFFF9
> ??_dot_below		:1FFFFFFA
> s_macron_below		:1FFFFFFB
> S_macron_below		:1FFFFFFC
> H_macron_below		:1FFFFFFD
> h_circumf_below		:1FFFFFFE
> H_circumf_below		:1FFFFFFF

 Yes, I think it should work. Not checked yet.
 I'm not sure about using 8bit characters in names though. Better
stick to naming it in ascii-7.
 Also, I personally would be a bit afraid  of  taking  specially-
looking  range like the last positions of allowed ones, but it is
definitely legal.


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