ANN: xterm-359

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon Aug 17 23:01:14 UTC 2020


                            Patch #359 - 2020/08/17

     * add  special  case  in  WriteText  to allow colors 8-15 to override
       colorBDMode (patch by Ingo Brückl).
     * add  utf8Weblike  resource,  to  provide  an  alternate  scheme for
       handling  ill-formed  UTF-8  sequences  (adapted  from patch by Dan
     * improve  computation  for the number of lines needed to scroll-up a
       SIXEL graphic (report/patch by Ben Wong).
     * correct  manpage description for default value of disallowWindowOps
       from changes in xterm #331 (patch by Ben Wong).
     * correct a loop starting-point in refresh_graphics from optimization
       in patch #358 changes (report by Ben Wong).
     * add a new mouse mode 1016, which uses the same format as mode 1006,
       but sends the mouse's position in pixels (suggested by Igor van den
     * fix an issue from patch #338 changes where only the first selection
       buffer  specified  in  the  request  would  be updated using OSC 52
       (patch by Michael Gulick).
     * modify  makefile/scripts  to  allow  DESTDIR  to  prefix the target
       directory for desktop-file-install (report by Fred Heitkamp).
     * enable SIXEL feature by default.
     * update config.guess, config.sub

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