how to run Xserver without a installed console

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at
Wed Jan 8 14:31:41 UTC 2020

Good afternoon,
Please, does somebody of you know about The tešchnique, which would allow Me
to run Xserver even if I do not have console app installed?
I want to run startx coomand from Debian, which run on Android by using
Termux and Proot app. Unfortunately, there is no Linux console, so I can not
run xserver by typing startx.
My intention is to use dummi Xorg video driver and I want to run x11vnc app
to interact with running GTK app.
Because Tigervnc app and others do not allow Me to run window managers. Only
if I run X11vnc window managers can correctly detect XKB extension

I have one special xorg.conf configuration file, which should help. But
because Chroot environmentdo not support virtual console, I can not use
xserver by typing startx.

I guess, that removing some code to bypass this check will not be good ieda.
So why Xorg need to detect if user have Linux console installed?
Because Xorg would not had to display something on physical screen in my
cause. I only need to run x11vnc, which will not work without running Xorg.
I have consulted it with x11vnc developer. And perhaps it would not be
problem, that I will use Xorg dummi video driver instead of physical driver.
Because I do not see at all and I would like to use Mocha VNC from GOogle
Play to control my running app.
Because Xserver XSDL still do not support all X11 protocol extensions.
Thank you for yours advices.

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