how to run Xserver without a installed console

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On Wed, 8 Jan 2020 15:31:41 +0100 "Mgr. Janusz Chmiel" <janusz.chmiel at>

> Good afternoon,
> Please, does somebody of you know about The tešchnique, which would allow Me
> to run Xserver even if I do not have console app installed?
> I want to run startx coomand from Debian, which run on Android by using
> Termux and Proot app. Unfortunately, there is no Linux console, so I can not
> run xserver by typing startx.
> My intention is to use dummi Xorg video driver and I want to run x11vnc app
> to interact with running GTK app.
> Because Tigervnc app and others do not allow Me to run window managers. Only
> if I run X11vnc window managers can correctly detect XKB extension
> presented.

Use Xvfb as the Xserver instead of regular Xorg?

> I have one special xorg.conf configuration file, which should help. But
> because Chroot environmentdo not support virtual console, I can not use
> xserver by typing startx.
> I guess, that removing some code to bypass this check will not be good ieda.
> So why Xorg need to detect if user have Linux console installed?
> Because Xorg would not had to display something on physical screen in my
> cause. I only need to run x11vnc, which will not work without running Xorg.
> I have consulted it with x11vnc developer. And perhaps it would not be
> problem, that I will use Xorg dummi video driver instead of physical driver.
> Because I do not see at all and I would like to use Mocha VNC from GOogle
> Play to control my running app.
> Because Xserver XSDL still do not support all X11 protocol extensions.
> Thank you for yours advices.
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