How to start with X?

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2020-01-23 13:11 GMT+01:00, Emanuele Petriglia <inbox at>:
> Hi, thank you for the reply. I'll check the two links. Between the first
> link and the book, which is it better?
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> Emanuele Petriglia (ema-pe)
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>>2020-01-22 18:26 GMT+01:00, Emanuele Petriglia
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>>> Hi!
>>> I would like to learn how to create a C graphical application without
>>> using some toolkit for hobby. I know that there are two main
>>> Xlib and xcb. The first is old but has a lot of documentation, the
>>> second is newer but less documented than the first. So I was thinking
>>> learn Xlib and then xcb.
>>> I found this book about Xlib: "XLIB Programming Manual" of Adrian Nye
>>> published on 1994. I do not found any other recent book. Is it good
>>> start with Xlib even is it old?
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>>[1] is a guide that should be fairly valid on xlib.
> >From there you can afterwards embed xlib-xcb.h, gradually migrate from
>>xlib to xcb reading the docs, read the guide from iotek for fonts in
>>xcb without xft [2] or embed pango in your application.

If the book, as I noticed on google, is the o'reilly manual, it should
be as valid as Tronche's site if o'reilly hosts somewhere the example
But I never read that book, so YMMV.

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