How to start with X?

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> Hi!
> I would like to learn how to create a C graphical application without
> using some toolkit for hobby. I know that there are two main libraries:
> Xlib and xcb. The first is old but has a lot of documentation, the
> second is newer but less documented than the first. So I was thinking to
> learn Xlib and then xcb.
> I found this book about Xlib: "XLIB Programming Manual" of Adrian Nye
> published on 1994. I do not found any other recent book. Is it good to
> start with Xlib even is it old?

Advice: stick with Xlib. More examples. More docs. XCB is only better in a few
very specific cases that mostly are the areas WM and toolkit authors might
obsess over for small gains in performance. So stick to Xlib - that's my advice.

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