Ryzen 4500U Integrated graphics - found no way to make it work

Martin Wagner mail at mwrsa.de
Tue Nov 24 11:01:27 UTC 2020

Am Dienstag, den 24.11.2020, 17:32 +0800 schrieb Qu Wenruo:
> I have a ThinkPad T14 with 4750U, with current upstream kernel (from
> Arch) it works like a charm now.
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Snip snip :-)

Thank you Qu!
I took an early lunch break to give this a try straight away. The
current Arch image is said to feature Kernel 5.9.something, which is
indeed the latest I ever came across.

Sadly the live boot gave me the same black screen immediately. I will
have to see if I can use nomodeset to get it to boot anyway and then
install and update.

Will report back when I got to that.

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