X11 cut (as cut/paste) accuracy

Lucien Gentis lucien.gentis at univ-lorraine.fr
Wed Feb 2 13:29:56 UTC 2022


I tried to launch xterm under Mate desktop manager, and I do not 
encounter the problems you mentionned:

Even with a small font size (courier 10), I can select the first 
character of a line without any problem.

I also tried to define font size to courier 34 to see how are character 
selected: whereever position in the character the pointer is clicked, 
the character is selected, even in extrem right of the character.


Le 01/02/2022 à 11:27, Carsten Haitzler a écrit :
> On Tue, 1 Feb 2022 10:42:14 +0100 Phi Debian <phi.debian at gmail.com> said:
>> Hi Carsten, thanks for your reply, if you have some more cycles for me :)
>> just curious I am using mate and xterm most of the time, so where should I
>> look mate or xterm?
> Xterm I think will be doing its own handling of selections as it is
> implementing a terminal emulator which is a very specific kind of text display
> - so ... xterm code itself.
> Having implemented a terminal emulator (terminology) and whole UI toolkit too
> myself... I know how this is done and selections will select an entire text
> char if the pointer enters that char at all - so pointer is anywhere over the
> char and then it's selected. That's what I implemented as it's logical and
> consistent. I have never looked at what xterm has done.

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